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20 Minutos

20 Minutos is a new and used car broker based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialize in assisting our clients in getting the cars that they need. No matter what your taste in cars is, you can come to us, and we will assist in sourcing for that exact car. Our services are not limited to helping you buy cars. We also provide other car-related services such as helping you to sell your car, getting car finance, getting auto insurance, car chattel mortgage, and lots more. Whatever your needs are, you can come to us, and we will meet them.


We help you get all kinds of cars. We have access to dealerships that sell car brands like Ford, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Tesla, and more.

Couple buying new car at car dealership
Buying New Car

Are you planning to get a car? The best option is always to go for a new ride if you can afford it.  Buying a car new is not just about the sentiment that you are getting a car that no one else has driven.

Professional salesperson selling cars
Sell your car

Are you thinking of selling your car? The best decision you can make in this regard is to let a car broker sell your car for you. No matter how attractive the idea of selling your car yourself might seem, you must know that it is always better when you leave the job to the experts, and in this case, we are the experts.

Couple at car dealer buying new car
Car Finance

The cost of owning a car is what has prevented many people from having a car. Whether you are getting used to or new, cars are just costly and most times, getting them with outright cash is challenging. But that is why there is car finance that takes the burden of saving for years before the car.



One of the best ways you can get a vehicle for your business is through a chattel mortgage. This is a form of car finance that is strictly for businesses in need of vehicles. What makes it better than other types of business vehicle finance is that it is a secured car loan that doesn’t require you to own a property.


Car insurance is one of the after purchase expenses that any car owner will have to cover. Whether new or used, you will need to take out insurance on the vehicle. This is because the law requires it solely as a way to protect other road users from any damage or injury caused by your vehicle.