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Car insurance is one of the after purchase expenses that any car owner will have to cover. Whether new or used, you will need to take out insurance on the vehicle. This is because the law requires it solely as a way to protect other road users from any damage or injury caused by your vehicle. However, you can always get more comprehensive insurance that will cover you in case of liability due to damage or injury to a third party and protect you in a case where a third party malicious or accidentally causes damage or loss of your vehicle.

Under any form of insurance, whether comprehensive or basic, the insurance company will be responsible for paying the cost of any liability that you incur as stated in the policy. In exchange for them bearing the risk, you will have to pay premiums. There are generally limits on how much cost the insurance company can carry, and several factors influence the kind of premium you will get. A poor driving record will definitely mean higher premiums since that means more risks of accidents.

The car insurance will generally cover the following:

Generally, basic insurance is made compulsory by the law in different states and territories in Australia, and you will have to check to see what your state or territory requires. However, basic insurance is usually never enough, which is why you have to go for a more comprehensive one. Luckily for you, doing this is quite easy since insurance coverages are individually priced, allowing you to get one that will provide sufficient coverage for you.

Who is covered under

Car Insurance?

Your personal insurance policy generally covers you and other members of your family who are on your policy, and this coverage extends to any car they are driving, whether yours or that of others, as long as they are driving with the person’s permission. It will also cover anyone who drives the car even though not on the policy as long as they have your consent before driving the car. Personal insurance only covers personal driving, so if you are using the car for commercial purposes, the insurance will not cover that.


We can assist you in getting car insurance which will ensure you have full protection for any damage or loss of your car as well as any liability caused by your car to a third party property or person. We can handle every stage involved in getting the insurance, from finding the right finance company to finalizing the deal for you.

Disclaimer: This information is only available as a general guide on the government policies. It is derived from the official Australian government sources. We do not bear any responsibility for the commentary and analysis of this public domain information nor any liability for how the facts are interpreted. It is recommended that you speak with an accountant or financial advisor to get precise information and advice on your situation.