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The Germans are known for their superior engineering, and this car brand reflects the finest of that engineering. BMW cars are always a joy to behold, and they get better when you step inside. The performance of a BMW car gives you unexpected joy. BMW will offer you class with their ride. If you have been thinking of a car to make a statement wherever you drive it, consider investing in a BMW. Beyond being excellent, the brand is known for developing reliable cars as well. If you wish to own and drive a BMW, you can come to us. With us, the model you want or the fact that you want a new or used car does not prevent us from getting you exactly what you want, and we will do so within the shortest time possible. Sometimes, you have the model you want in mind already; if that is the case, we can help you find it. If not, we will recommend the best models for you and their pros and cons so you can make the best decisions. Whatever the case, once you come to 20 Minutos, you have nothing to worry about again.

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Our number one loyalty lies with you, and this supersedes any relationship we have with a dealership or car supplier. When you come to us looking for a car, the first thing we do is find a car seller within our network who has the car you want. In many cases, we will find more than one seller, and we ensure that we only go with the one that has the most Favourable deal. We don’t have any affiliation with any dealerships that necessitate that we buy cars from them. We put the interest of the clients first in all our dealings.

When it comes to negotiating with the seller, which could be a dealership, a private seller, auctioneer, etc., and getting you a good deal, we have the experience and expertise. After years of helping individuals and businesses to acquire cars, we are already familiar with dealerships. Our business is cars so we have full information about how much each car should cost and can tell you the best price you can get for it. As your car brokers, we will be Negotiating with the car dealer, thereby taking the stress of the back and forth bargaining off you, and when you let us handle it, you have the best chance of ending up with a good deal. Even when we are negotiating with a private seller, we have the industry knowledge to make sure you get the car for nothing more than it is worth in the market.

We can help you get both used and new cars, so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty in getting the car you need. It is easy with us.